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Keep Calm & Contact Life Mobile for your emergency phone, tablet and computer repairs.

If it's broken, we'll fix it!

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We can fix your phone within 1 hour.

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All of our services come with a 90 day warranty.

Same Day Turn-Around

If it's broken, we'll fix it! We realise that your phone has become a vital part of your life and we make sure it gets fixed as fast a humanly possible. We'll have your broken screen fixed within 1 hour.

Keep Calm & Contact Life Mobile

We are fully equipped to handle any mobile crisis you might be facing. Cracked screen, water damage, mechanical or software repair and upgrades.  All this repaired conveniently at our Leederville store located on Oxford Street at competitive prices.

"Such a life saver! Great, personable service and and they were really quick to help me after my screen broke during a work lunch. "

Amanda Saxon, @amandhaa

"Ben and his team were incredibly helpful when my phone stuffed up the other day, perfect turnaround time, I'd recommend their services to anyone."

Carlos Menendez, @carlinho20

If it's broken, we'll fix it!

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120A Oxford Street in Leederville

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